I just love watching fans singing back to us, it’s an indescribable thing.

Artist: UnknownFlorence and The Machine
Title: UnknownHowl
Album: UnknownLungs [2009]


Howl - Florence + The Machine


serious shit right here

❀ about me ❀


name: Andie


birthday30th Oct

zodiac: Scorpio

single or taken: taken

height: 5’4

eye color: brown

middle name: Alejandra

favorite color: Gold

lucky number: 13


hogwarts house [x]Ravenclaw

favorite fictional character:  All of them….but mainly Cecilia Tallis

favorite television show:  Battlestar Galactica

favorite season:  Autumn

describe yourself in a few words:  l do what I want

future children’s names:  no thanks…

meaning of your name: manly…

ultimate otp:  River and Eleven, Johnlock

what do you plan to/do for a living:  curate a museum

starbucks order:  soy hazelnut latte with no foam


introvert or extrovert: introvert

dawn or dusk: dusk

righty or leftyrighty

coffee or tea:  tea

rain or shine: shine

reading or writing: reading 

“When they finally come, what’ll you do to them, gonna decimate them like you did to me? Will you leave them stunned and stuttering?”


MAKE ME CHOOSE: paddyfitz asked house martell or house lannister


 asked: Sir Leon or Sir Gwaine?

#gwaine  #merlin  


Jay Bell, Something Like Summer



Temple of Isis, Egypt, early 20th century

make me choose - anonymous asked: brienne or ygritte?

"All men die," he could almost hear her say, "and women too, and every beast that flies or swims or runs. It’s not the when o’ dying that matters, it’s the how of it, Jon Snow.”

Sherlock 'playing' the violin
requested by violincameos


This quest. This need to solve life’s mysteries. In the end, what does it matter when the human heart can only find meaning in the smallest of moments? They’re here. Among us. In the shadows. In the light. Everywhere. Do they even know yet? - Genesis 01x01

The “Everybody is done with everybody” Wedding